Consulting services by dhy media group


Don't stress...

We are proud to offer a full consulting package for your business! 

How it works: 

1. Tell us what puzzles you.

2. We audit the situation and inform you if we can assist. 

3. You decided on how many hours you desire. 4? 8? 40? 

4. Once the hours are purchased our Team will contact you to arrange a face-to-face or meet via a webcast (Your decision). 

5. We go to work! 

What areas do we cover? 

1. Social Media Marketing for ALL size businesses 

2. Business development 

3. Marketing tactics

4. Podcast development 

5. Social Media ad campaigns 

6. Political social media tactics 

7. Internal social culture 

8. Sales force social media training 



$399 for 4 hours or $120 per hour 


Send us your info and we will contact you right away! 

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